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       Info For Parents

Click the link below to learn more about our centre. Read documents such as our Parent Handbook to better determine if our centre is the right place for your child.



Scroll through our various galleries to gain a better understanding of what our facility provides both indoors and out.  


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Click on the link below to see a variety of sites that are helpful resources in our community. 



At Northview DaySchool we are invested in the development of strong partnerships and deeper connections to ensure a safe, nurturing, quality program that encourages the growth and development of each individual child. By recognizing the competence, and capabilities of children, families, and educators we are able to create an environment that supports a sense of belonging, well-being, engagement, and expression. We are able to do this by ensuring all parties are given a voice and appreciated for their unique perspective. Through surveys, committee groups and boards we are able to gain insight from various areas of the centre and respond to their needs. Northview DaySchool places a focus on Christian values while maintaining an inclusive attitude and a respect for the diverse backgrounds and environments our families and educators are from. By emphasizing the importance of collaboration and reflection we are able to continuously grow and develop our program and pedagogy. The educators at our centre constantly work to find new ways to encourage the natural curiosity and complex thinking of children to allow for each child to reach their great potential.  We value every child and family that enters our centre and believe ourselves truly blessed to have the opportunity to work with them and learn from them each and every day.   


If you are wanting to know more about Northview DaySchool or to check your current status on the waitlist please call the centre. 

1000 Fairbairn Street, 

Peterborough, ON  K9K1C2


For More Information Call

 Phone - 705-748-4626  

Fax - 705-748-6424


or email  


Katherina Boshart (Executive Director)


Cathy Taylor (Business Manager) 

Lisa Calderwood (Supervisor)

Jay Boshart (Finance and Adminstration) 



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