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Helpful Links

This is a link to the City and County of Peterborough Children's Services where you can find information about where you can go for further assistance as well as updated information about the COVID-19 response.  
This is a link to the Ministry of Education where you can find information about child care that is relevant to parents. 
This is a link to the Health Unit.  
On the PCCHU website you can find information about: 
  • immunization clinics
  • healthy living resources available in the city 
This is a link that will connect you with Five Counties Children Centre. Five Counties provides a wide array of resources and supports for families and educators. 
This will link you to the Children's Services section of the City of Peterborough website.
 This is where you can find information on the Fee Subsidy Program and learn how to apply.  
This will link you to all busing information relevant to our city/county.  
The current schools that bus to our centre are as follows:
  • St. Anne Catholic Elementary School
  • Edmison Heights Elementary School
  • Highland Heights Elementary School
This is a link to the Northview Community Church. They often host events that you can register your children for such as:  
  • Family Skating 
  • Fun Fair with Fireworks 
  • Various children's  activities   
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