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The following are documents that will provide you with further understanding of what our standards and practices are. Selecting the correct childcare program can be stressful and these documents will assist you in determining if Northview DaySchool will be the right fit for your family.  

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Results From NDS Survey

This year we conducted an online survey to assess how the Northview community was feeling about our development as a centre so far as well as what people would like to see in the future. We are so grateful for the outstanding feedback and participation from Northview families and educators. We have gained a great deal of insight from your responses and have set goals for 2020 around what we have learned. 


Goal One: We hope to continue to develop new ways to invite families in to the classroom as well as sharing our daily learning experiences in creative new ways. 


Goal Two: We hope to make knowing the classroom teachers a bit easier by adding teacher pictures, names, and fun facts to the parent boards outside the rooms. This hopefully makes it easier to stay informed about the teachers working with your child, especially during classroom transitions and teaching team changes. 


Goal Three: Lastly, we will be making changes to how we document on a daily basis in hopes of the children's learning stories becoming more visible and easier to engage in either at the centre or at home.  


Thank-you for your support and participation!